ÉCOUVES (Le Gatey) Orne - 5 km north of Alençon
The 2nd Armoured Division took the Germans by surprise
After the capture of Alençon on 12 August 1944 in the morning, the 2nd French Armoured Division under General Leclerc continued its offensive toward Argentan. The French were informed about the German disposition by a prisoner, that the 9th Panzer Division was ambushed in Ecouves forest. The armoured column Roumiantzoff entered the forest by the south. In Le Gateys, on the only road, a Sherman was fired by a German anti tank, Colonel Remy's son is killed. In the same time, in the east the French crossed Sées and reached Point du Jour crossroads, north of Ecouves forest. The armoured column Putz moved to meet Roumiantzoff unit. At La Croix de Medavy, Sherman and Panther clashed. The French formed a hedgehog display for the night. The next day, on 13 August, the armoured column Roumiantzoff and Putz made the junction.

French Cemetery
This small cemetery is located within the splendid setting of Écouves forest, nineteen French soldiers of the 2nd Armoured Division are buried there. A stele bears names of 69 combatants of the Division.
Situation : at the edge of the D26 road (follow the road-sign "Rochers du Vignage")

  2nd DB Valois tank
This tank Valois belonged to the 2nd French Armoured Division under General Leclerc. At the other side of the crossroads, a board recalls the fighting of the Division.
Situation : in Écouves Forest, at Croix de Médavy cross road

Roger Rémy monument
Monument erected in memory of Roger Rémy soldier of the 2nd French Armoured division, killed at eighteen years old on 12 August 1944. He was the commander’s son of the 1er Régiment de Marche des Spahis Marocains.
Situation : at the southern gate of Écouves forest


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