Manche - 10 km and 13 km south of Valognes

Cherbourg was the main objective of the VIIth Corps

On mid June 1944 the Americans progressed slowly in the marshlands of the Cotentin, between Carentan and Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte. On 13 June the 90th Infantry Division under General Landrum seized Pont-L’Abbé. On 14 June the 82nd Airborne Division attacked toward Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, while the 9th Infantry Division pushed toward Valognes and approached Cherbourg. On 15 June General Collins launched an offensive westward to cut off the Cotentin peninsula. The 60th Regiment of the 9th Infantry Division attained La Bonneville. On 16 June the progression went on along the two axis; General Ridgway’s parachutists spanned the river Douve. Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte was liberated after heavy artillery fire. The 9th Infantry Division captured intact bridges and crossed the river Douves; the 47th Regiment reached Hauteville-Bocage, while the 39th Regiment entered Orglandes.
German cemetery
Orglandes was originally an American cemetery. 10 152 German soldiers are buried there. One enters through a small house surmounted by a bell-tower. Stone crosses bearing several names are aligned on a turfed space which goes down soft inclined.
Situation : at the edge of the D24 road (follow the road-sign)
  9th and 90th Infantry Divisions plaque
This plaque is dedicated to the 9th and 90th American Infantry Divisions who liberated Orglandes on 16 June 1944.
Situation : on the cemetery wall
American troops stele
La Bonneville
Stele commemorating the liberation of the town by the American troops on 15 June 1944.
Situation : in the center of the town

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