SAINT-COME-DU-MONT Manche - 3 km north of Carentan
German paratroops held the retreat route to the south

On D-day the landing of American troops on Utah Beach was a success. On 7 and 8 June the German forces retreated inland in uncoordinated movements. The joining between Utah and Omaha Beach bridgeheads was the main objective. The American parachutists attempted to cut the retreat route of the German columns in Saint-Côme-du-Mont. In the early morning of 8 June, with support of motorized artillery Colonel Sink commanding the 506th Parachutist Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division launched an attack toward Saint-Côme-du-Mont. But they were facing a crack unit : the German paratroops under Colonel von der Heydte. The Germans opposed stubborn resistance to keep control of this road, their counterattacks broke against American positions. After the evacuation they blew up the bridges over the river Douve. On 8 June at 4 p. m. American parachutists of the the 506th Regiment entered Saint-Côme-du-Mont left cleared by German paratroops 's withdrawal.

Dead man's Corner Museum
The museum is situated in a house near a fierce June 1944's fighting place. At the crossroads the Americans suffered losses to liberate the town, a tank was destroyed. The body of the tank commander had been hanging in the wreck during several days. The museum houses an important collection dedicated to American and German paratroops.
  101st Airborne Division plaque
Plaque in memory of the American parachutists of the 101st Airborne Division.
Localisation : in front of the
Dead man's Corner Museum
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