The Germans were pushed back beyond the river Orne

On 4 August the British liberated Villers-Bocage where they had been badly mauled on 13 June. The 7th Armoured Division crossed the ruins of Aunay-sur-Odon. The Offensive Bluecoat pierced the German lines at the junction between the British and American Armies. It was a wide manoeuvre to span the river Orne west of Caen. The terrain with hills lent to the defence, but in this area the strength ratio was in greater measure favourable to the Allied : three infantry divisions as well as armoured divisions. While the Germans opposed two weakened infantry divisions, an armoured division who had been fighting since 6 June and several bunches of tanks. On 6 August the 43rd Wessex Infantry Division conquered Mont Pinçon, and pushed back the 276th Infantry Division under General Badinski. On the 276th Division's right wing the 277th Infantry Division hit the 59th Staffordshire Infantry Division. On 13 August the Germans retreated beyond the river Orne. The British entered Thury-Harcourt.
Battle of Normandy monument
Monument commemorating the fighting in the area of Thury-Harcourt during the
Battle of Normandy in August 1944.
Situation : at the northern exit of the city, drive the D6 road toward Caen and take the first to the left, then turn a second time to the left on a narrow road
  British soldiers plaque
Plaque in memory of the British soldiers and officers who liberated the city in August 1944.
Situation : on a wall, left from the entrance of Thury-Harcourt castle
  59th Infantry Division stele
Stele dedicated to the soldiers of the 59th British Infantry Division Staffordshire.
Situation : at the northern crossroad of the city

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