TOURVILLE Calvados - 10 km south-west of Caen
Panzer blocked the crossing over the river Odon

The VIIIth Corps objective under General O’ Connor was to seize intact the bridges over the river Odon in the first step of the Operation Epsom. On 26 June the Allied forces launched the attack in the rain. The 227th Brigade of the 15th Scottish Infantry Division and tanks of the 23rd Hussars took Grainville and Colleville pushing back the German infantry. But the Scots were stopped by counter-attacks of the 12nd SS-Panzer-Division tanks. German commandment sent panzer reinforcement to face the VIIIth Corps : Panther of the 2nd Panzer-Division and Tiger of the SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101. On 27 June the Allied renewed the attack, the German tanks destroyed many British tanks, but they were sent on the battlefield just one tank or in small groups against greater strength. The war of attrition was more and more favorable to the Allied forces. The 2nd Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders assaulted toward Tourville. At the beginning of the afternoon an intact bridge was captured over the river Odon. The bridgehead was strengthened with tanks of the 23rd Hussars then with the 159e Brigade at the end of the day.
15th Scottish division monument
Monument in memory of the soldiers of the 15th Scottish Infantry Division who died during the liberation of Europe from 26 June 1944 to 5 May 1945.
Situation : at the edge of the D89 road, between Tourville and Tourmauville

The Bridge of Tourville
The bridge of Tourville on the river Odon cost many casualties to the 15th Scottish Infantry Division.
Situation : on the D89 road, over the river Odon
15th Scottish/43rd Wessex/53rd Welsh Divisions monument
Monument in memory of the soldiers of the 15th Scottish Infantry Division, 43rd Wessex and 53rd Welsh Division killed in the Battle of Odon.
Situation : in the cemetery
Lieutenant General Barber plaque
Plaque in memory of Lieutenant General sir Colin Muir Barber commander of the 15th Scottisn Infantry Division that liberated Tourville in June 1944.
Situation : in the cemetery, near a pine tree

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